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it's great that you found us. This website is non-commercial and purely private.

Everything you find on this website is meant to be copied or used as a template for Your own work. We are working on Paintball / Airsoft / Nerf gamingsystems. You are encouraged to build something on your own according to the material provided here.

You can copy the software, access the source code, everything. It is my expressed wish to build up a group of interested people, that work together in order to create new game ideas, to learn and to have fun.

Feel free to contact me:

Source code available at: GitHub

The latest version of the OCF-Flag software is out. Try it on Your computer.

check it out

2018/11/23 15:11 · flashheart

After about 5 months of development and construction works, we are now ready to test our new electronic gaming system. The ocfflag 2.0. It is a center-flag to host 2, 3 or 4 teams with a life feed to the internet, so you can check on the current game scores.

The feed can be accessed via this website. Click on „Life Statistics“ in the top navbar. You will find Your way.

2018/05/17 14:15 · flashheart

Here ist the new version of the OCF-Flag software. You can download and test it on Your computer. Behold! :-D

2017/12/06 08:36 · flashheart · 0 Kommentare

Here is our latest UAV video for the Global Expansion Event in October.

2017/11/05 09:03 · admin · 0 Kommentare

Here is the first screenshot of the software of our flag project. It's not finished yet, but I believe you can see where we are going with it.

It is a kind of a chess clock for paintball or airsoft.

The final version will also have a mechanism to provide the current time statistics via a webinterface.

2017/11/01 20:02 · admin · 0 Kommentare

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